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AV Webcam Morpher 1.0: A Must for Webcam Chat

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Sat 19 Aug 2006 – Audio4Fun (aka Avnex Ltd.) has recently launched the first version of its AV Webcam Morpher to the hectic world of online videoconferencing and webcam chat, more information at its Products page.
Just like what it did with AV Voice Changer Software and voice chat a few years ago, Audio4fun now introduces netizens to the brand-new AV Webcam Morpher – an innovative technology in webcam chat. Furnished with a collection of “nickfaces” and “nickvoices,” the program offers you a wide range of possibilities to change your appearance, voice, and thus personality in video conversations. You can totally hide your real face, wear a new look of the chosen “nickface” and transmit it to your friend at the other end in webcam chat. A “nickface” is not a still image, but a moving video recording of a real person with gestures and expressions, such as Hello, Bye, Flirt, Smile, Surprised, Disgust, Kiss, Embarrassed, etc. With just one click, you can enable the “nickface” to act and behave as you wish, making it so real that your privacy will be fully protected. Moreover, the “nickvoices” which function as voice masks are right at hand for you to disguise your voice and adjust it to well match your “nickface” and enjoy the online masquerade in videoconferencing.

Besides, a large number of video and audio effects are provided as more tools to morph and edit the webcam image in real time so that your chat friends will be startled at your amazing transmission. Especially, AV Webcam Morpher is not aimed to serve only webcam owners, but usable widely among Internet users instead. Thanks to a built-in virtual webcam driver, the software can work smartly as a real webcam for you to activate webcam chat in popular instant messengers, such as Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Skype, etc. For further information, feel free to visit //

“Although its name is Webcam Morpher, software is not all about webcam chat and webcam processing,” proudly said Peter Nguyen, Audio4Fun Technical Manager. “More than that, it can also record video from your webcam or any digital camera then save files in the compressed .avi format. Combining with the effect library, you can use Webcam Morpher as a perfect application to modify and produce movie clips for blog illustrating, website demonstrating, business introducing, animated guiding, etc.”

About Avnex Ltd.:

Throughout many years of development, Audio4fun has been promoting audio and video software technologies and specializing in three core areas: Audio and Video Morphing Algorithms, Audio and Video Stream Interception, Audio and Video Real Time Effecting and Webcam Morpher. The wide range of products of Audio4Fun is detailed on //