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Voice Changer Software Set a New Trend: Make Parody Voices

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Mon 9 Apr 2007 informed that they had already successfully added new Parody Maker and Parody Mixer modules into their newest version 5.5 of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and AV Voice Changer Software Gold.
Parody voice, parody maker and parody mixer are quite new definitions used in the newly released AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.5 and AV Voice Changer Software Gold 5.5. They indicate voice-mimicking and voice-mixing ability of the new generation of AV Voice Changer Software, in which users can talk in other preset voices (Hollywood stars and famous people’s voices), record and imitate another’s voice, and mix up to 4 different voices to create a new unique one.

When Weird Al Yankovic’s hits such as “White and Nerdy”, “You’re pitiful” are so popular in the world, parody songs become a new trend of youngsters who want to have some fun with great creativity. Why don’t we think about parody voices?

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and Gold, version 5.5 have preset voice samples of male/female politicians; male/female celebrities (Bush, Rice, Brad, Angela) which help user easily choose and talk in stars’ voices just in a couple of mouse clicks. If users want to create more targeted voices from other people who are not in the list, they can record an audio stream or select any audio file they have in .wav format, then import in the Parody Maker module, and finally select it as a parody voice for imitating purpose. Users are also able to record a real voice in real-time via a microphone, save in .wav format and then mimic it. To have the best parody voice, which means to successfully talk in another’s voice without being recognized, users have to move the cursor in the Parody Mixer panel up to 100% of the targeted voice.

In some cases, if users want to create a new unique voice, they can mix up different voices together, for example a voice which 40% sounds like Brad, 60% sounds like Bush, by moving the cursor to the appropriate point on Parody Mixer panel. The Parody Mixer can allow users to mix up to 4 different voices.

With those new interesting features, believe that users will have a new tool for making fun in voice chat room, PC-to-phone; or creating audio/video clips with special voice-overs, etc. The company is planning to have more parody voices of many people in different aspects in the near future.

For more detailed information about making parody voices, users can visit the tutorial page: //

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