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Dubbing Films with New Hollywood Nickvoices Package

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Fri 6 Apr 2007

Audio4fun Download Hub has just updated their free downloadable nickvoice center in which new Valentine collection comprises a lot of Hollywood nickvoices for film dubbers to dub their movies and apply to many audio purposes.
The collection divides into 2 smaller ones of Adam and Eva nickvoices (male and females’ nickvoices). Thus, users can easily choose a suitable voice for their actor or actress. Movies lovers surely can not miss some famous works such as Geisha Legend, Queen Kleopatra, Greek Mythology, etc. To dub those favorite films with various languages without influence on characters’ voices, dubbers should ask for Voice Changer Software Diamond supported with a huge Hollywood nickvoices.

This voice changer equipment allows users to change the input voice into hundreds of expected output voices with different pitch and timbre. There are about 10 male and 10 female nickvoice available on the products. Moreover, Voice Changer Software users can free download more other nickvoice packages and effects to maximize the performance of this innovative product. The process of making voice-over or dubbing voice for movie is easier and more convenient to movie producers.

Based on the researching on the three fundamental characteristic of a voice, each present nickvoice is set at its own combinative levels of pitch, brightness and harmony. The preset nickvoices on Audio4fun Download Hub such as Geisha, Kleopatra, Kupidon, Mistress or Apollo, Cupid, Don Juan, Kasanova, etc. - are all created by skillfully operating with 2 important new features: Voice Analyzer and Voice Comparator. Voice makers pick up any actor or actress voices, add to the Celebrity voice collection, compare their voice to the celebvoice to get the difference parameters, and then customize their voice relied on those parameters. The alter output voice is saved as a nickvoice.

“The technical instructions can be fold at Help File or on our FAQ. Users are encouraged to create their nickvoices by applying those helpful features. If you don’t have enough time to make some for your own, please visit our download center to get some new for free. They are updated weekly,” said Louise Anderson, Audio4fun Community Manager.

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