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Produce a Film for the Loved Pets with AV Movie Morpher Gold

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Tue 17 Apr 2007 Home movie makers can get their ideal movie making tool at Audio4fun Online Shop to produce video clips or movies for their loved pets.
AV Movie Morpher Gold 2.0 is an all-in-one and easy-to-use home movie editor which allows semi-professional film producers to make their own works. Developed upon the researching on the movie makers’ community, this movie editor software includes many functional features such as DVD Player, voice dubber, audio and video effects library, video converter, video capturer and many other useful features.

“You can start your home movie studio with only 3 equips: a high quality digital camera, a PC and of course AV Movie Morpher Gold.” said Terry Jin, Audio4fun Quality Control Manager.

“Let’s start your movie producing career or hobby by making some funny video clips or movies for your loved pets. You can record the lovely moments, funny scenes of the pets, dub various voices, and then edit those video files with fabulous video and audio effects. Remember, the natural moments create the best funny films.” added Jin.

It’s simple as recording the chase of the cat and the mouse, the sleeping time of the cutie puppies, the meal of the rabbits, etc. Then, the pet lovers can perform as creative home movie makers to customize those video files upon their humor and favorite. One of most-wanted features of this software which can help to produce animal or pet movies is voice dubbing module. With only one input voice, users can create hundreds of altered output voices to fit in the pets’ characteristics. More outstanding features are also helpful for those who care about movie editing and producing.

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