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Push Your Online Game to the Next Step with AV VoizGame

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Thu 26 Apr 2007

Audio4fun Game Center - “AV VoizGame is voted as one of the best high-tech weapons for online gamers to promote their games”, reported from a research in Audio4fun online game forums.
With smaller file size compared with almost other voice changer software, VoizGame is really a best voice application for online game players to play during their virtual battles. Skillfully applying this voice changing software, gamers can perform their characters lively and enjoyably.

This innovative product allows gamers to change their original voice into many different voices with 2 simple methods. One is that they can adjust 2 fundamental voice settings of Pitch and Timbre to create various voice outputs. The other way is that they can choose among the available nickvoices library to match with their various games’ characters. The software is well compatible with most of the chat applications such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, etc and Online Role Playing Games: MU, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and many more. Thus, gamers don’t have to worry about their voice performance during various games played.

AV VoizGame helps online combatants push up their online battles to the next steps due to the high quality voice conversations. Through those voice chat, gamers can make a connections with their community members to evolve and integrate their various skills to win the games. Now online game is not only as simple as an entertainment but also a place where players can practice their coordinating, organizing, and teamwork skills.

An entirely new build of AV Voizgame is under the final finishing steps in the Lab that will be released very soon. The current owners of this software will be able to have free upgrade to this new build. Some new features of the soon-to-be-released new build of Voizgame are Player, New Nickvoice Package and Hot-key setting.

Purchase VoizGame now to push your games to the next steps and get chance to free upgrade to its coming new build.

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