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AV Voice Changer Software version 6.0 and American Idol parody voices

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Mon 23 Jul 2007

After the release of AV Voice Changer Software 6.0 series in early July, AVnex ( started another project to support their customer’s full use of these innovative products.
In addition to the Background Effects feature that has just been added into their latest Voice Changer Software version, AVnex has also focused on other special features of their products - the Parody Voice Maker and Parody Voice Mixer, which allow customers to mimic anyone’s voice. According to Helen Le, Sales and Marketing Manager, their ongoing plan is expanding the add-on library so that customers can freely download the packages to improve the software. ‘We have just uploaded a series of parody voice packages of many famous American Idol contestants such as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini, etc.,” said Helen.

In general, voice mimicking has been long one of the strongest features of this line of product, and now, together with a collection of many background effects in the new Voice Changer Software 6.0, the series will create a big bang in the voice chat world. Since the products can create a vivid and lifelike stage for the conversation, as well as imitate the voices of celebrities, AVnex hopes that Voice Changer Software version 6.0 will soon be considered the top tool used by the online entertainment industry.