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Music Morpher Gold Downloads Top 700,000 on CNET

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Mon 25 Jun 2007

The last week of June 2007 has seen a new record of AVnex Ltd. In the first month since going live, the Vista-compatible Music Morpher Gold 4.0 has boosted 700,000 downloads on CNET
AVnex Ltd.’s officials said that they were excited by the numbers. Its websites alone pushed over 1,000,000 downloads.

The latest build of Music Morpher Gold on CNET, v4.0.35, includes new combined voice remover-extractor, new surround sound effects, improved multitrack editor, improved voice remover, improved voice extractor. Users can download it and later builds from the link

Music Morpher Center spokesperson, Louise A., has told us on this occasion, “We’re seeing a ton of interests in our Music Morpher Gold. And they’re as thrilled as we are at this big milestone.”

Users of Music Morpher Gold have made the most of Music Morpher Gold. They told us their stories of what they have used Music Morpher Gold for.

From MySpace, has combined many tools (including Music Morpher Gold) to create some cool music beats.

The author of the video called “Saw Spoof” ( on has revealed, “The sound voice wasn’t made using iMovie so it’s not the monster voice. I used AV Music Morpher…”

Another YouTuber said, “I used the program Music Morpher Gold for this karaoke”. You can find this “Defying Gravity-Karaoke” clip at

“I wanted to try out some new audio software (AV Music Morpher, make a ‘creepy’ credit type movie and inform people that don’t use NoScript about how many extra scripts doubleclick runs on YouTube since Google took it over”. Check the video here

“These are some updated credits for my fan fic season ten. I remixed the song with AV Music Morpher. “Charmed Season Ten Credits Remixed” can be reached at

If you want to share your story with Music Morpher Center, please send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .