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New Tutorial of Making Audio Clips for Cartoons or Movies

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Wed 25 Apr 2007

Music Morpher Center – Users now can apply two inventive AV multimedia applications to create their fully work-out movies or cartoons with some basic guidelines of the 10th tutorial.
Capturing images and dubbing sound or voices for movies are two different tasks that usually require two different steps in the manufacturing process. More and more people want to create their own films and video clips for various purposes such as entertaining, soul-made video gifts for friends or beloveds, business presentations, etc. However, it is surely that few people have enough money to set up a well-equipped studio or movie producing room. One of the best solutions for amateur movie producers is applying AV multimedia applications to support two mentioned tasks of images editing and sound/voice dubbing.

AV Movie Morpher Gold is now considered as an ideal home movie editor, which allows users to play movies, add audio and video effects into the films, edit title and subtitle, and dub voice or sound in high quality. However, to give better satisfactions to customers in making audio clips for their cartoons or video files, users should combine their performance with a music editing tool - AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0. With this music editing software, audio clips makers can customize their original audio files as their taste and hobby. They can insert audio effects, morph pitch and timbre of the voices, speed up the tempo of the music or many other performances with sounds and voices. They can also reduce the noise and other unnecessary parts out of the audio files and then import to the movies.

The tutorial gives users some basic guidelines to follow in the process of making audio clips for movies or cartoons. It is displayed into 3 steps but indeed, users can skillfully apply 1 or 2 or 3 or even more depending on their creativity and favorite.

“Our new tutorial just gives out some suggestions for our users. We believe that moviemakers and audio clips makers are always creative to make more with our Movie Morpher and Music Morpher software. Any of new ideas with the career of making audio clips, please share with us,” said Terry Jin, Tutorials Center’s Manager.

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