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AVnex announces significant improvements in their line of voice changing products

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Thu 19 Jun 2008

AVnex today announces new builds of their Voice Changer Software products and has made them available on numerous download sites; improvements include new Vista skins, enhancements to the current modules and some small bug fixes. More information is available at //

After launching Voice Changer Software version 6.0.10 early July last year, AVnex has been working hard to improve and enhance this product line. Now, after nearly one year, build 6.0.27 has been released, reflecting the many improvements included in the version. Talking about this event, Tracy Norman, Brand Manager of Voice Changer Software line, said, “Users did not forget us, and we did not forget them either. This new build has many good improvements, especially regarding stability and the user interface. It’s cleaner and easier to use.”

The biggest improvement was made in Voice Changer Software Diamond, the highest edition in Voice Changer Software line. “With such a big multi-feature program like Voice Changer Software Diamond, the program’s skin can make a big difference in usability. The old skin is unique for the product in our vision, but we listened to our users comments, and discovered that there were ways to improve it. After a long time observing and testing, as well as considering user feedback, we decided to change it. User convenience is much more important than the unique look of our software,” said Norman, “And this new build also fixed bugs which caused some minor instability. We are looking forward to users’ comments on this latest improvement.”
Norman also said that version 7.0 of the Voice Changer Software line will soon be available with many more improvements and enhancements. Each module will receive close attention and fine tuning to bring the best Voice Changing experience possible to the user. She added, “Let’s wait and see what this pioneer in the voice changing technology will do.”
For more information about the product, visit //, or to know about user’s comments and rates of the products, please visit