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Learn What Took Me 3 Years in 3 Minutes

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Wed 25 Jun 2008

My name is Hamish and I happen to be a professional Sound Engineer. When I first started on this career path, studios were amazingly cool and elitist places only for people with super-hearing and super bank balances. When I started learning the tools of the trade your average recording studio looked a bit like a SSL mixing desk.


SSL mixes all the different sounds together and with the right person at the helm outputs an eye-wateringly magnificent production. It also costs about a million bucks. Luckily as time has gone on your average studio now looks a bit like a PC/Laptop.

The PC (the thing you’re reading this newsletter on) has almost completely replaced the recording studio. It does exactly the same job, costs nearly a million bucks less and is easily accessible to everyone.

That includes YOU!

There’s never been a better time to try your hand at making your own tunes or remixing someone else’s. All you need is a computer, an idea and some brilliant software, like VOICE CHANGER SOFTWARE DIAMOND.

This is a clever little program filled to the brim with studio-grade audio effects. It’s ridiculously easy to use and turns your computer into an audio powerhouse. To give you an idea how powerful it is, let’s take a look at the remix. A remix is where you take a song from a CD or mp3, chop it up, layer effects on it and add new parts to make a completely new song. It sounds complicated and usually it is. It took me 3 years at university to learn how to do it using the “old” tools. However, has just finished putting a tutorial online that will get you remixing in under 3 minutes!

If you’ve got 3 minutes spare and have always wanted to “bring down da house”, here’s your big chance. Grab yourself a copy of Voice Changer Software Diamond at //, read’s tutorial at // and make your own million dollar production.