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AVnex Ltd. Announces Its First Referral Program

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AVnex Ltd. is a software publisher that has been in the market for over eight years; they are pioneers in developing and distributing audio and video morphing software as a worldwide business.

The company’s new Referral Program will apply to its four main products: AV Voice Changer Software, AV Music Morpher, AV Video Morpher and AV Webcam Morpher. More information about the Referral Program is available at


This program rewards AVnex’s users in several ways: users who receive a referral can buy the products at 25% OFF, and users who send the referral (the referrer) will earn money if the person they refer makes a purchase at the time of the referral. The biggest advantages for users who join AVnex’s Referral Program are: they can refer as many products as they want, as many times as they like, and they can even refer themselves, which means they will get both the discount and the reward for purchasing.

AVnex’s referral program is straightforward and without many restrictions. Here’s how it works:

1. Register the program with your in-use email address.

2. Arrange the product list the way you like.

3. Send the reference message.

4. Receive a reward payment via PayPal

The prices of the products provided by AVnex go from $30 to $100, and program participants may choose to recommend the products with or without discounts, thus the reward payment is totally up to the referring choice. AVnex encourage users to introduce the products they are really experienced with and have had a good time using, as they expect both the referrer and the referral to be happy with their selections.

This smart program should help AVnex to reinforce their online businesses and augment their public relations, and assess their user’s demands.

To take part in the program, you first need to learn about AVnex’s products, as well as their programs terms and uses. Find out more at //

This is a smart program of AVnex to reinforce their online businesses and augment their public relations, and silently study their users’ demand.