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The announcement of the first release candidate of AV Voice Changer Diamond new version 7.0

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Thu 5 Feb 2009

Avnex Ltd. announces the first release candidate of their premium Voice Changer Software Diamond new version 7.0, coinciding with this year’s Valentine’s Day. For more information, please visit their website at

The new version of AV Voice Changer Software line focuses on the convenience, ease and stability of performing its morphing tasks. Its improvements include being able to perform professional voice changing tasks, and fully controlling interactive voice communications within online games in real time. As a result of the latest improvements, the new upgrade is quite flexible and has been optimized for a variety of applications. “To do such mission, we expanded the audio capturing function of AV Voice Changer Software with a virtual audio driver. The original Hooking function has also been improved by a more robust capturing module and more overall stability. The new upgrade will have two different working modes, and can be easily switched back and forth for additional, fast control of the output,” said N. Rotislav, head of the programming department at AVnex.

This time, AVnex is using a different approach to interacting with users, as all new features for the new version will not be fully available on its initial release; instead only a certain few, selected features will be out first; the others will be updated along the way, after the release. The sure-to-be ones in this release candidate include many more vivid background effects, new non-human voices for special voice dubbing purposes, an improved voice mimicking algorithm for better parody making, and the promise to fully support voice chatting in online games while in Game mode.

The new version 7.0 of Voice Changer Software line is still in its pre-finished stage which is why AVnex is only mentioning this release candidate, as it is not widely available for downloading on their website either. For this year Valentine’s Day, AVnex will present this release candidate of their Voice Changer to newbies and for users who order an upgrade to their current version of Voice Changer Software Diamond (version 6.0). The official release time for Voice Changer’s new version is not yet disclosed; however, tutorials on how to take the most advantage of the new version of the software have been available on their website at //

Come visit their website to learn more about the new version, and see for yourself what the latest additions include, and be the first to experience the premium software choice in the voice changing arena. //