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Note: This tutorial is using an outdated version of Voice Changer Software Diamond. For the updated tutorial with the newest version 9.5, click here.

Add an application into the Ignore Filter list (Video)

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Adding an application into the Ignore Filter list will be useful for users who want Voice Changer Software Diamond (VCSD) to perform the morphing process on audio streams from a specific application while there are other applications running at the same time on their computer.

This tutorial will show you the overall process and its effect afterward on Windows Media Player (WMP).

Because VCSD captures and applies its morphing effects on WMP automatically, adding WMP into the ignore filter list might be one of the most common actions you might need to do.


* This tutorial is applicable for 2 editions Voice Changer Software Diamond and Voice Changer Software Gold.

* This tutorial was illustrated using Voice Changer Software Diamond version 6.0 in Diamond Vista skin.

» See the text tutorial: Add an application into the Ignore Filter list

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