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Talk like Bathsheba in The Conjuring movie

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Bathsheba (in The Conjuring movie) sacrificed her week-old child to the devil and killed herself in 1863 after cursing all who would take her land. The property was once more than 200 acres but has since been divided up into smaller parcels. They find reports of numerous murders and suicides in houses that have since been built upon parcels that were once part of the property.

With the help of Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 (VCSD8), Bathsheba's voice will be your brand new trick to scare your friends on Halloween.

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Run VSCD8 >> Turn on Voice Morpher by clicking on Voice Morpher icon (1) or turn ON voice morpher graph (2).

Move the Pitch-Timbre pointer (3) on the Morpher graph to change your voice. Because of the difference of each voice, it would be better if you try to increase or decrease pitch and timbre parameter before deciding what is most like Bathsheba’s.

In my opinion, adjusting Pitch at 75% and Timbre at 133% like the below image, will make your voice sound most like Bathsheba’s.

Changing with Pitch and Timbre graph

Then, adjust the Advanced Tune slider (4) to improve the quality of the output. My personal choice is 78%.

In Equalizer module at the bottom of main panel, click on Preset button (1) >> Choose Harsh (2).

Improve your output with Equalizer

Click on Background Effects icon (1) >> Click on Turn On/Off Effects button (2) to activate the effects.

Check on Tibet in Mystic folder(3) to activate it.

Adjust the Volume slider to 32% (4).

Add Background Effects to enhance output quality

Click OK button (5) to close the dialog.

Click on Save button (1) >> Choose the location where the file will be saved >> Click Save button (2).

Save "nickvoice"

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To download Bathsheba’s nickvoice, click here.

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