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AV Voice Changer Software (Basic Edition) - Installation Guide

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This tutorial is a complete guide helps you to get through the installation and activation of AV Voice Changer Software (Basic Edition).

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We'd recommend that you download any editions of AV Voice Changer tool from our official download page or some other trusted page. Illegal cracks and patches for this program may harm your computer, however.

Open the voice changer program installer by double-clicking on it or right-clicking on the file and select Open to run the installation file. Sometimes, you may need to select Run as administrator to make sure that the installer will be processed with full admin privileges.

av voice changer software basic edition - installer

Almost the next steps you may simply hit Next to move on till you get the message below.

This message is to confirm you on that the program is about to install one of the most important part of the Voice Changer Software (Basic Edition) - AV Virtual Audio Device. Therefore, you can just hit Ok button to complete this step.

Fig 11: Driver Installing

Having problem to complete this step, try this tip.

Run the Voice Changer Software. And, when the Registration form comes up, fill it with your license information (*) >> Click Register.

(*) Click here to learn how to access your license information.

activate full version of voice changer software basic edition