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How To Convert an Audio File into Different File Formats

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This guide is going to show you the way to convert audio files into different file formats using AV Advanced Morpher in MP3 Player Morpher.


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-  Open the Morpher or Advanced (1) module.
-  Click Open Playlist button (2) to choose a playlist you want to convert. You can add songs from Library to the current playlist by pressing button (3) or choose each song by pressing button (4) or import the folder by pressing button (5).

Image - tutorial-mp3-13-01.jpg

- Select the file (or files by holding Ctrl) you want to morph (1)and click on Morph Selected Files button (2). Else you can select files and then right click to select Morph (3).

Image - tutorial-mp3-13-02.jpg

A dialog box appears and there you can set the converting parameters.

Image - tutorial-mp3-13-03.jpg

-  Check in the radio buttons (1) to choose to convert either files in the current playlist  or only selected files.

-  In Output file format combo-box (2),you can set the desired output file format that your files will be converted into.

-  Click Morph (3) button to start morphing.

Note: Before the process, you will be asked to select the Sound Format. Just leave them as default by clicking OK button if you do not sure what to do. Any wrong selection in this step will cause the output quality worse as usual.

-  You can watch the conversion progress, indicated by the Total (1) progress bar. This is an overall progress. The Current Track (2) progress bar displays only the conversion progress of the current track.
-  Click on Stop button if you want to stop the process.

Image - tutorial-mp3-13-04.jpg