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How to get Free key to unlock MP3 Player Morpher

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This page provides step-by-step instruction on how to get free key. Please make sure that you already installed a copy of Mp3 Player Morpher  on your PC or laptop.


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- You can run MP3 software by clicking on the Mp3 icon Image - icon.png on desktop or going to Start > Programs > AV MP3 Player Morpher >AV MP3 Player Morpher .

- After MP3 is opened, a pop-up named "Register a Free Key..." will appear.

- Click on the Submit Free Key button, the Submit Free Key window will be shown.

Image - how_to_get_free_key_03.png

- In the  Submit Free Key window:

+ Click the Login (1) if you have Make4fun account and go to the Get free key page.

+ Or click the Register (2) if you don’t have Make4fun account, so you can register an account and log in to get free key

Image - how_to_get_free_key_04.png

Enter Username (1) and Password (2) to get the free key

* Note: Go to the Step4 to know how to Enter your Free key

Image - how_to_get_free_key_05.png

If you click Register, the M4F account registration page will be shown. Fill in the form to create an account to get free key.

Notes: Fields with a red asterisk must not be left blank.

After you have finished filling all the fields, click on the I accept (10) button. Our system will start checking your information for a few seconds . Once all your information is correct, you will be directed to the Login page.

Tip: To reset all your information, click on " Reset " button (11).

Image - how_to_get_free_key_06.png

After logged in, go to the Control panel » Download & Get Free Key, you will be directed to a page like one below:

Image - how_to_get_free_key_07.png

- Select Get Free Key with AV MP3 Player Morpher 4.0

Image -how_to_get_free_key_08.png

- Enter exactly Your name, email and Free Key to the Submit Free Key window

Image -how_to_get_free_key_10.png

- Back to the Submit FreeKey pop-up and enter the FreeKey. And then Click SUBMIT

Note : By finishing the registration and getting the free key, you will have an account at Make4fun site, which offers you more benefits such as direct download of all our products, getting free key directly at

Image - how_to_get_free_key_11.png