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Capture a movie soundtrack

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- Double click on the small speaker Image - Volume%20control.JPGin the right corner of your taskbar to open the Windows Volume Control.

- Click the Options menu and choose Properties.

- The Properties window now comes up. Check Recording then Stereo Mix in the list of volume controls underneath. Click OK.

Image - Properties%20of%20Volume%20Control.JPG

- The Recording Control now appears. Select Stereo Mix and lower the volume slider for a good recording result. Then close the window.

Note: In order to return to the previous status before the adjustment, repeat all steps above and select Microphone in the Recording Control window.

Image - Recording%20Control.JPG

- Play the movie by a media player, such as Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, or DVD Player Morpher.

- Open AV MP3 Player Morpher and click the Recorder button Record button Image - tutorial-mp3-10-04.jpgon the Player panel. The Record dialog will come up.

Image - tutorial-mp3-10-05.jpg

- Press the red button to begin recording. Then press this button again to stop the process.

- Use the Play and Stop buttons to play back your recording. If you are satisfied with the result, click Save. The Save As dialog will appear, choose a desired file name and audio format. If you are not satisfied with the result, record again.

- Once finishing, click the Close button to close the Record dialog.

- You can also open the recorded file in the Editor module to modify it or cut off some unwanted parts.

Note: By setting the recording source to Stereo Mix, you can capture all sounds playing on your computer, either movie soundtrack or online music.