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Voice imitation software – Assistant for amateur mimics on VoIP chatting

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Voice imitation software – Assistant for amateur mimics on VoIP chatting

Voice is one of the basic ways to identify someone, and voice often reveals his/her character. Even simply raising or lowering your voice can express your current emotions. The first time you hear a voice your mind definitely starts forming an initial image of the speaker. So what am I trying to say here? That’s a voice can represent a person. Modifying your voice or imitating another voice could change how listeners react to you, it could completely fool them, make them think you are someone else.

Recent Internet growth has lead to a significant development in VoIP - short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as “the transmission of voice communication via the internet – done so via IP-based telephony networks” ( In this kind of communication, voice obviously becomes the MOST important identity factor. Have you ever thought of using Obama’s voice to make a prank call to your friends? Imitating somebody’s voice, which was formerly only possible for professional mimics, is not that far away now with the new generation of voice imitation software.

Voice imitation software is based on principles similar to those that professional mimics use to imitate other voices: they figure out similarities between the imitated voice and the imitation. A famous voice over expert, Pat Fraley, said that the first thing is to be aware of your own voice range; then recognize which voices are naturally close to yours and tweak your voice to bring it closer to the voice sample.  Unfortunately, he is unable to ape any voice out of that natural range. Voice changer software was born to fix that limitation. Input any voice that you intend to mimic, no matter how different it is from yours, the software will do a comparison and modify the parameters of the two basic characteristics of voice - timbre and pitch - to create an output voice that closely matches the input voice. This software helps those without the powers of imitation to be creative in making their voice sound like almost anyone on the planet!

Now, all obstacles have been demolished for using a celebrity voice to surprise your friends on Skype chatting with voice imitation software.