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A Special Promotional Week For DJs Offered By Musicmorpher.Com

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Tue 23 May 2006

Nicosa, Cyprus- Avnex Ltd. has just announced their promotional week on, which gives a special opportunity for DJs and music mixers to buy a professional music editor software at a very competitive price.
The promotional program started in the middle of May 2006, offering 50 coupons of 20% OFF for DJs and music mixers to buy Music Morpher Gold 3.0 at $79.96 instead of $99.95.

Appearing in 2004, Music Morpher Gold has now become one of the first brands of the all-in-one home music editor software in the world. With major tools of Player, Morpher, Advanced Morpher, Wave Editor, Voice Extractor, Voice Remover and many more, Music Morpher Gold allows users to activate their creative competence to produce their own music and color up any kind of sounds or music they like.

What’s more helpful for DJs, no matter how skillful they are, Music Morpher Gold brings a new feel of professional DJ-ing while DJs can employ this program with ease and interest. With the rich effect library of 65 single effects and 49 special ones, DJs can perform their mixing talent with as many “handmade” medleys, remixes, megamixes as they want.

Peter Nguyen, webmaster as well as the person who first gives out this promotional idea, shares his opinion “The coupon of $20 is quite a great discount. However, our main purpose is giving chance for those who are in medium income to satisfy their music love with high-class software.” hopes that this one-week-lasting promotional program can encourage many music fans, especially DJs to pick up these valuable coupons to enrich their experience in the music world.
You can be one of the first 50 music fans to have this exclusive offer. Pick up this coupon:

About Avnex Ltd.:
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