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Webcam Morpher 1.0 Gold Edition is now released

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Fri 23 Jun 2006

According to Jenny Le, Audio4fun PR Executive, the new edition of Webcam Morpher 1.0 was released on June 23. The latest news about this event is detailed in Audio4fun News Archive at //
The current release of Webcam Morpher is serving to keep chatters connected with webcam chat rooms, functioning as hardware as well. That means users need not buy a webcam to use the program, though a good webcam is recommended for them to record precious live moments of chat, or produce video clips.

The new upgrade has all current features of Webcam Morpher, plus greater quantity and quality. “There are three more nickfaces to choose. Of course, there are more actions also. You just need simple clicks to change among various actions like dancing, flirting, kissing, etc. The importance is users must choose the right time to perform these common gestures to their chat pals,” added Jenny.

The next edition of Webcam Morpher, Gold Edition, provides brand-new Hollywood style video and audio effects in its library. Thus, there are more opportunities for users to make impressive video blogs or diaries.

With Webcam Morpher Gold, users also have more nickvoices to live an absolute virtual life. 10 preset nickvoices is enough, but you can also create more nickvoice rules. Besides, there will be tutorials to help you effectively use Webcam Morpher Gold, as well as Webcam Morpher.

“In the meantime, our developers are rushing out a new build fixing bugs found in Webcam Morpher to provide a better performance,” promised Jenny.