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Music Morpher Gold 3.0 makes move to multiply Mixing Module

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Tue 23 May 2006 – Avnex Ltd. has revealed today that, Music Morpher Gold 3.0 will be equipped with better multitrack editing module.
Multitrack Session in the enhanced Editor module enables mixing many songs at the same time in an unlimited-track waveform. It can help remix songs or make medleys or megamix of many songs more easily with more real-time singles and advanced effects.

“The incremental improvement will see a more effective editing process. Creating remixes, medleys, ringtones, DJ music will be easier than before because you can choose which tracks to morph in real time,” said Terry Jin, Product QC Executive.

Besides multitrack session, Music Morpher Gold 3.0 also includes significant features: Voice Remover and Voice Extractor – which help come over music editing trouble with removing vocal from a favorite song for karaoke background music, and then mix it with recorded voices to have a perfect cover song. “Music Morpher Gold prevails in voice removing and extracting technology, it’s true,” added Terry Jin.

Is the new Music Morpher Gold 3.0 any good? We have also received good comments from our users: “It’s really better than 2.0. The new version seems better than the old one. Multitrack works very well. And cool effects!” (Peter Hartley, USA)

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