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New Tutorial for Voice-over Makers at Music Morpher Center

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Fri 8 Dec 2006

Voice-over makers can find their useful tutorials for their process with different purposes of entertainment and business. Explore this new tutorial at
Today, the trend of uploading personal video clips on some online submitting sites such as, is very popular. People want to create not only impressive images, but also many funny exciting sound and voices to dub their video clips. Thus, the demand of users asking for more high-tech multimedia equipment surely increases. To support various purposes of voice-over makers, AVnex Ltd. boasts a wide range of products that users can apply during their process such as Voice Changer Software, Music Morpher software, Movie Morpher Software. Among them, AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 is considered as one of the efficient tool-kit for professional users in making voice-over for video clips or movies. This tutorial is built up to help users to manipulate this software with right functions and save their working time.

The Recorder function allows voice-over makers to record any sound, voices or audio sources for their job. The quality of the recorded sound files can be checked after saving many voice samples. If there are just few times to work with recording but users are not satisfied with the sound quality, they can adjust the volume of voice, reduce noise and enhance the sound files very much better.

One of the interesting features of this software is that operators can change the recorded voices into hundreds of other voices regardless age and sex. The voice-over process will be simple, as we do not need to ask for many voice-over actors. Music Morpher Gold will create many real and exciting voices due to the dynamic adjustable Pitch and Timbre setting.

“We call it a tool-kit for professional voice-over makers as AV Music Morpher Gold can work well with their multi-functions such as recording, voice changing, and also mixing,” said Terry Jin, Quality Control Manager of AVnex Ltd.

The multitrack mixer gives users chance to create their perfect voice-over by mixing recorded voice and music together.

All the performances of voice-over makers can be done by AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0. Now, it is easier and more comfortable with this new tutorial for users at any experienced levels.

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