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Voice comparator named one of the most favorite features of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0

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Thu 7 Dec 2006 [December 8, 2006] Voice comparator is the second most favorite feature of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 according to latest research, announces AVnex.
“Although it’s just a very new feature and available in the Diamond edition only,” says Helen Le, marketing manager, “Voice Comparator has emerged as one of the most attractive features, second to high-quality voice output only”.

Voice comparator involves the simulation of a celebrity’s voice. Users can use the software to morph their voices to resemble the likes of Britney Spears or Bruce Willis.

God knows what they will do next with those Britney sound-alike voices or Bruce ones. But making prank calls and producing parody songs are interesting possibilities.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 is the only voice changer that boasts this comparator. No wonder has it surpassed six hundred thousand downloads on CNET alone.

To simulate a celebrity’s voice, or rather voice sample, user first repeats the sample sentence. In Bruce Willis case, for example, it’s the popular line “I’m sorry babe”. He needs to try to imitate the celebrity to some extent.

The software records his speaking, morphs it to the celebrity voice and then estimates the percentage of similarity. User then fine-tunes the results manually or automatically.

“The rate of successful voice simulation is higher than you think”, says Terry, Head of Audio4fun Lab. “In the next version, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0, you can import any voice sample apart from the library for comparison, or simulation.”

When the simulation is complete, user can save it as a “nickvoice” and applies it to various uses.

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