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New AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 to be released soon

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Sun 7 Jan 2007

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0, the new generation of smart voice changer will be ready for download by mid January, 2007, confirms AVnex.
“AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 takes voice changing to a whole new dimension”, says Terry, head of Audio4fun Lab. “It’s very flexible and adaptable to your own special needs”.

Voice changing technology has always faced the same challenge: how to deal with the individualistic qualities of a specific voice. On the hands, the needs for voice output vary too.

Some needs a voice mask to hide their identities in romance voice chat. Others some robotic or devilish voices for extreme fun in MMORPG chat. Others again some funky voiceovers for cartoons or funny movie clips.

New AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 is said to boast a bunch of new features that help users truly personalize, and optimize, their voice changer. The most outstanding is probably the so-called Parody Mixer.

There’s also a Voice Analyzer to help users learn about their own voice characteristics. “You can learn how bright your voice is, for example”, explains Terry.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 is set to continue the success story of AV Voice Changer Software, which is the market pioneer and also leader.

“Voice changing has evolved from a tricky chat tool to a way of discovering and expressing yourself”, says Helen Le, marketing manager. “And AV Voice Changer Software has become synonymous with the category itself”.

“Actually, only one voice changer software is flexible enough to be ‘morphed’ to your own voice characteristics”, adds Terry. “Only New AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0”.

The new software is set to be priced at 99.95$.

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