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Parody Mixer - Most-wanted new feature of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0

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Mon 15 Jan 2007

Nicosia, Cyprus - Considered as the key release of Audio4fun in the first quarter of 2007, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 boasts some new features suggested by previous version’s users. Among them, Parody Mixer is the most favorite feature voted by its earliest customers.
“The demand of mimicking one’s voice has been increased. We catch this trend since the latest survey at the end of the year 2006. Therefore, Parody Maker and Parody Mixer modules are very interesting and selected as hot NEW,” cheerful shared Chris R.F., Audio4fun Customer Support’s team leader. “Because these are very new features and there’s little software supporting this function, we have to work hard to support our earliest users in applying this to their job. To save time for our customers as well as our Support Team, the tutorial store has been updated with a new project related to Parody making and mixing.”

Those who care for and want to benefit from this new feature can explore task 9 of Voice Changer Software’s tutorial store at //

This new element introduces a parody library that lists many voice samples of male and female for users to mimic. Then, users can operate the parody mixing process by adding and joining those parody voices at the same time. A mixing table will be displayed and the parody output can be saved as a new parody voice for later use.

The purpose of making parody voices is mainly for making audio clips for video or movies files. With the same video clips, voice makers and voice actors or voice dubbing creators can create many situations for movies or video files.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, latest version 5.0 also better supports users with its long-time trusted and loved features such as Recorder, Audio Effect Explorer, Frequency Morpher, Equalizer, Pitch and Timber Settings and many more. For voice-over making, home recording studio or online voice chat room, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is surely still the best choice for users.

Discover more about this innovative voice changing technology at

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