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How to scare your friends and foes by showing horror video clip over webcam

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AV Webcam Morpher lets you surprise and delight your family and friends with memorable videos via share clips feature while chatting

In this tutorial, we guide you on how to share your horror clip on Halloween day while chatting.

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- Start AV Webcam Morpher.
- Click the Clips button to open the share clips module.
- All instant messenger programs not necessarily in use should be closed to optimize the sharing process.
- You should also remove all Logitech Webcam applications to avoid any conflicts or problems with video displaying in AV Webcam Morpher 2.0.

Open the share clips module

- Click the Add button (1) under the Clips pane to bring up the Open dialog box.

- Select the video clips from your hard drive (2) or local shared folders.

- Click the Open (3) button to choose the file and close the dialog box. You will return to the Clips module.

- From the Open dialog box, you can click on the Files of Type combo-box to filter clips according to the media types supported by AV Webcam Morpher 2.0.

- The following formats are supported: *.WMV; *. AVI; *.FLV; *.3GP; *.MPG/*.MPEG.

Choose your horror video clip

Double click on the video file name in the Clips pane to play the file, or click on the Play button to play.


* Make sure that the Preview button is ON (highlighted) to display the video in the Preview screen.

Play and preview the video

Now, it's time to invite your friend to view your CAM and show them your cool video clips!

Play and preview the video

See our result:

Result of share horror video