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Note: This tutorial is using an outdated version of Voice Changer Software Diamond. For the updated tutorial with the newest version 9.5, click here.

Upgrade Voice Changer Software version 6.0 to version 7.0

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Click here to go to the upgrade page.

You will need to fill in two kinds of information:

* Your Make4fun account information, and
* Your product’s related information.

Notes: You must have a Make4Fun account beforehand to accomplish this form.

Fig 1 - Fill in all information shown in the Upgrade page

  • Fill in your Make4fun account information (1) &  (2).

If you haven’t had an account at Make4Fun, it is easy to create one by clicking on the link (3).

- See why you should have a Make4fun account.
- Tutorial on how to register a Make4Fun account is available here.

  • Select the Voice Changer Software edition you are having from the dropdown list (4).
  • Enter the order number (5), your registered name (6), your registered email (7), and the serial number of the Voice Changer Software version 6.0 you are using (8).

Tip: Information about the order number, registered name and registered email are included in the upgrade email we sent to you. In any case you have not received this email, and forgot these information, click the link (11) for support, or contact directly our Support team.

  • Type the text you see in the image (9) into the Check image field (non case-sensitive).

After you have finished filling all the fields, click on the Verify button (10).

It will take a few seconds for our system to check the information, once all the information is correct, you will receive a message with the link to your license page, click on it.

  Fig 2 - Click on the link on the upgrade message to go to your License page

The License page in your Make4fun account's Control panel will be shown, follow the instructions on the page to get the full copy of your edition of Voice Changer Software version 7.0.

  Fig 3 - Follow the instructions on the License page to get the Full copy of Voice Changer Software version 7.0