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Note: This tutorial is using an outdated version of Voice Changer Software Diamond. For the updated tutorial with the newest version 9.5, click here.

How to talk like Drow Ranger in WarCraft III with Voice Changer Software Diamond

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Drow Ranger is a ranged hard carry who excels at laning. She is fragile, but is capable of hitting opponents with high DPS. Her first ability, Frost Arrows, adds a slow to your attack for the cost of a small amount of mana. If you manually cast Frost Arrows on an enemy hero, it will not attract enemy creeps or towers - so with skill you can continually kite a hero until they die. Her second ability is an area of effect silence which can be crucial during teamfights. Her passive ability gives all nearby heroes a damage bonus, and her Ultimate (also passive) improves her agility.

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to talk like the Drow Ranger with Voice Morpher, Equalizer and Effects of the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

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-  On the main panel, click on the On/off (1) button turn on the Voice Morpher panel.

-  Move the cursor (2) on the Pitch-Timbre graph (also called the Morpher graph) to change the voice.

-  For me, Pitch is 145% and Timbre is 76 % make me sound like Drow Ranger most. So, I leave the cursor there.

-  Move the Advanced Tune (3) slider to 25% to improve the quality of the output

Note: because each voice is characterized on pitch and timbre, it is recommended that you should try more or less to archive your most favorite pitch and timbre parameters to sound like Drow Ranger most.

In the next step, you will learn on how to take advantage of one of most powerful voice effects in Voice Changer Software -  Voice Morpher Equalizer and Effects .

-  Expand the Advanced effects panel and switch to the Equalizer tab.
- Click on the On/Off button to turn the Equalizer on
- Make change to each slider at a time while speaking into the microphone to pre-listening to how you sound like.
- The below parameters are recommended

- Switch to Effects tab
- Click on the On/Off button to turn the Effects on
- Check on Romantic Hardcore checkbox of Hardcore Beat to choose

- For instant use, you can download the Drow Ranger voice preset from here.
- To learn how to use the preset of voice changer software, click here.
- Click here for more free audio effects.