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Note: This tutorial is using an outdated version of Voice Changer Software Diamond. For the updated tutorial with the newest version 9.5, click here.

Voice Changer Software Diamond - Create professional Audio Books

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The new version 7.0 of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond has a Virtual Audio Driver (AVnex Virtual Audio Device) which works as a virtual audio & sound device. This device can be used with any VoIP, Instant Messenging applications, or online voice chatting or web conferencing websites for changing voice and/or recording in real-time. By setting AVnex Virtual Audio Device as default audio driver for microphone in those applications, you will be able to control your voice tone and speak the way you want.

In fact, we already have some tutorials giving instructions on how to create different voices like Change your voice to a female voice, change your voice to a boy and how imitate a celebrity voice. This tutorial will not include those parts again, but give simple guidance in using VCSD in creating voice.

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Open Voice Changer Software Diamond, click on Nickvoices button (1) 8 choose For Male Input Voice (if you are male) / choose For Female Input Voice (if you are female) (2) 8 select Woman 2 or Man 2 (3) nickvoice respectively.

Select nickvoice

You can now try speaking into the microphone and listening to your voice to see how it sounds. If the voice sounds distorted or a little robotic, try turning the Advanced Tune button (1) lower to improve the output and lessen the effect.

Note: make sure that the Duplex button (2) is on so that you  can hear your voice change in real time. You can go to the Nickvoices menu, select Save to save your settings for 1 female voice, and, for later use, just go to the Nickvoices menu and Load the settings again.


Setting Advanced tune and duplex

You now have your desired voice, so just click the Recorder button to open VCS Recorder and start the recording.

Note: for each character you should repeat the above steps until you have all the dialogues of all characters in the story.

Open and start the recording

- Open Music Morpher Gold and switch to Editor module.
- Click on the New Multiple Track session (1) button to open a new Multiple track workplace.

Note: As soon as you click on the New Multiple Track session button, a popup named Multiple Session Sample Rate will appear and ask you to select the sample rate for your project. Just leave it as default 44100 if you are not sure what setting to choose.

Open a new Multiple track

- Within the Multiple Track Session in the  Editor module, double-click on each track line and browse for the recorded voice files to add them into the  Multiple track editor (each track is a dialogue).
- Hold down the right mouse button on each track to move it along the time line.
- To make the story more interesting, you can reserve the last track (track 04 below) for a background music sound track.

Note: make sure that they are continuous in combination like in the illustrated image below and do not forget to decrease the volume of background track so the other voices and tracks can be heard clearly.

Multiple Track Session in the  Editor module

- Now from the menu File 8 select Save As  8 choose the folder in which your project will be saved  8 in Save as Type box, select Mp3  8  click Save button.
- You will again receive a message asking which format and sample rate you would want to save your file as; just click the Ok button to finish.

And that, you have created the audiobook yourself. Good luck ^^.

Save as the audiobook