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Install Virtual Audio Driver of Voice Changer Software (from version 7.0 and above) in Windows Vista 32-bit

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AV Virtual Audio Driver (VAD in short) is one among the new innovative features from Voice Changer Software version 7.0 which makes VCS work more flexible and more stable. It is a virtual audio driver that can be set to be used instead of the physical audio card of your computer.

This tutorial will instruct the way Virtual Audio Driver is installed in your computer, which is always carried out at the end of the installation process of Voice Changer Software 7.0.

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Before you start Voice Changer Software installation file, please minimize all other application windows.

Run the Voice Changer Software Diamond installation file, when the last installation screen popup, click Finish to finish it.


Fig 01: VCS Installation

Note: Tick on the check box if you want to create shortcut(s) on Desktop or on Quick Launch bar for quick access(es) to Voice Changer Software.

The Driver Installing message will be shown right after that, click OK to continue installing VAD.

Fig 02: VAD Installation

- The Driver Installing command window of MSDOS appears.

» What is MSDOS?
MS-DOS (short for Microsoft Disk Operating System) is a command prompt interface that allows you to execute programs. MSDOS was originally developed by Microsoft in the 1980s. In today PCs, it runs as the underlying operating system, finds applications for boot disk or similar purposes.
More information can be found here.

Fig 03: MS-DOS

- Another popup called Windows Security shows up, click Install to continue.

Fig 04: Windows Security pop-up

- After some seconds, the Driver Installing window of MSDOS will automatically closed, your installation is finished, Voice Changer Software is ready for use.

Note: If this is not your 1st time of installing AV Voice Changer Software, the above Windows Security popup will not show up. But, the installation should go though properly.