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How to activate AV Voice Changer Software 7.0 full version out of the blocking of Webroot Internet Security 2011

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Remark: This tutorial is applicable for all editions of Voice Changer Software.

The activation process of Voice Changer Software is a one-time, required step to fully register your product license with our server for later support for the product. The process occurs when you click the Register button on the Register your Serial Number window for when you first use Voice Changer Softwareafter installation. The program at that time connects to our server at via your computer’s internet connection.

When the Webroot Firewall detects traffic activity from Voice Changer Software, it normally and temporarily stops the activity and displays a pop-up alert for 60 seconds. You can respond to this alert by clicking Allow or Block. If you don't respond to the alert within 60 seconds, the firewall automatically blocks the program. Therefore, the activation process can’t be completed and Voice Changer Software can’t be used.

This tutorial will guide you how to get through Webroot’s blocking action on Voice Changer Software.

  When you see this alert message during the activation process of Voice Changer Software, click on the Allow button. Voice Changer Softwarethen can complete its activation process successfully. You won’t have to deal with this alert again.

If you miss the above message, after 60 seconds, Voice Changer Software is blocked by Webroot. Please do as follows to unblock Voice Changer Software :

  1. Double click on Webroot’s icon in the system tray to open its main interface.
  1. From the Home panel, click the Edit settings button under PC Security. (Point your mouse to the panel to display the Edit settings button.)

    The PC Security panel (1) opens.
  1. Click the Firewall (2) tab.
  1. Point your mouse to Appplications (3).
  2. Click on the Add button and browse to the VcsCore.exe

Voice Changer Software is now unblocked. Please restart the program and finish the license registration process .