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Create Simple Music Lyrics Videos in 3 Steps

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AV Video Karaoke Maker is a FREE software to help you make your own Karaoke video, but did you know? It can also be used to make a music video with lyrics, using your own background image.

First of all, make sure you check out this tutorial: How to Create Your Own Karaoke Music Video

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Making a music lyrics video is basically similar to making a Karaoke video.

- Launch AV Video Karaoke Maker and Add music/add lyrics/add background

- After that, sync the lyrics to your song just as in the tutorial above (This time, you don’t need to sync precisely. The most important thing is the match of the beginning of a sentence with music.)

- Click on Settings button to open Settings window.

Open VKM Settings

In Settings window:

- Select Text font (1): choose a font you want and see if the text is easy to read on screen when you preview your video.

- Text Color (2) and Play Color (3): the key to make a music lyrics if here. Select these two settings and adjust the color to be exactly the same as each other.

- Align (4): choose the area on screen that the lyrics will appear.

About the Output settings, we recommend you to leave them at default.

Lyrics Settings

- Next, click on Preview button to check your video one more time.

- After that, Export you video with a Video size based on your choice.

Export Music Lyrics Video

Have fun and enjoy.