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Turn a pop song into a rock song

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This Guide is intended to allow you to quickly set up and enjoy the product. If you need further detailed information and assistance, please contact our customer service.


Music sample:

MOON RIVER by Andy Williams

- Listen to original song
- Listen to morphed song sample
- Download morphed song sample -

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- Click on Advanced tab on the module bar to open AV Morpher.

- To open a file, click File on the menu bar and choose Open. Open dialog box will come up; select an audio file you want to open.

- You can also use Add Files button on the toolbar to add a file to the playlist.

- Play the song by clicking the ay button on the Player panel. Remember to turn on the Equalizer to enhance the sound of music. You can adjust all bands to your taste or choose an available preset by clicking the Presets button.

Image - tutorial-mp3-01-01.jpg

- Press Active button under the playlist box. Open the list on the right of the button and choose Tempo Morpher.

Image - tutorial-mp3-05-02.jpg

- Adjust the Speed slider to change song tempo. You can either drag your mouse or use the left – right arrow keys. Move the slider to the right for a faster tempo.

- Play back the morphed song while adjusting to see the result.

- Once everything is OK, open the Effect Library on the right of AV MP3 Player Morpher window. Then expand Special Effects -> Independently of Channels Quantity -> Misc , and click on Beat Tracking. The Beat Tracking dialog will come up

- Move the Quality slider to adjust the precision of main beat tracking.

- Move the Click Volume slider to adjust the volume of the drums added.

- Choose a suitable drum preset in the list.

- Check or uncheck the Freq Modulation to your taste and press OK

Image - tutorial-mp3-05-03.jpg

- Press Morph Selected Files button on the Playlist toolbar.

- The Morphing dialog appears. Select the Output Folder and the Output File Format, then click Morph button to start the morphing process.

Image -tutorial-mp3-01-03.jpg