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AV CD Grabber – Apply name templates to output files

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AV CD Grabber is a PC software program that helps to convert tracks on a music CD to standard computer audio files for hard disk backup or for mobile devices.

It features the great performance with high quality outputs and advanced options for optimizing your music management, including creating a name template for the entire album after ripped.

This tutorial will help you in ruling the output name in your favorite arrangement regardless of the number of ripped songs at a time.

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This 4-step tutorial will get you through how to extract your favorite songs from a CD using AV CD Grabber.

Song tags are required for naming the output files. Click here to learn how to auto-tag the entire song list.

In Output file naming section:

- Click Change to open Output files naming rule dialog box.

Output files naming rule dialog box

- Click Insert to add tag entries to the name template according to your desired order. Preview the output names of currently listing tracks in the table below.

Click Insert to add tag entries to the name template


- Edit the displayed output names right in the template bar.

- Separate each tag with the others by the common symbols.

Ex: Template: (%album% - %album_artist%) %title%

» Output Name: (Red - Taylor Swift) Begin Again.

- Choose Presets for ready-to-use name templates.

Choose Presets for ready-to-use name templates

Now you have finished setting name template for the output files. Continue with your ripping task and the ripped file will be named in the most effective way that makes your music library managing thousand times easier.