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General questions about AV Voice Changer Software

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Unlike the Demo version, the Full Version gives you a full access to all features of AV Voice Changer Software so that you can use the program without any limitation. With a license key, you can:
- Choose any preset voice settings, known as nickvoices, from the nickvoice library to become anyone you want to.
- Freely adjust the pitch & timbre of your voice as well as other settings until you have the desired voice output.
- Record audio files as long as possible.
- Apply and combine as many effects as possible to create special audio result, and save your customized effect layouts for later use.
- Load unlimited number of your friends' voices, your sweetie's voice, or your idols' voices, etc. to the Voice Comparator to expand the sample voice list, and do simulating of those voices.
- Fully control all functions of the program.
- Instantly change your voice into sample voice.
- Freely download all add-on packages of nickvoices and effects (for VCS Diamond only).
- Instantly change your voice into sample voice and with Parody Maker (for VCS Diamond only).
Once making a purchase, you become our Valued Member, who will enjoy a full support period of 12-month length and other special offers from our Support team.

* These are the minimum hardware required to run the program:
- Microsoft Windows XP operating system (32 bit)
- 1 GHz CPU
- 256 MB RAM
- 100 MB hard disk space
- Full-duplex soundcard
- Speakers
- Microphone

*  Recommended system requirements for best performance:
- Microsoft Windows XP operating system service pack 2
- Pentium III or higher compatible processor ( 2.0 GHz CPU or better for Diamond edition)
- 512 MB RAM
- 300 MB hard disc space
- Full-duplex soundcard
- Headset (instead of a microphone and speakers separately).
Please note that this software does not support Mac OSs, or Linux OS of Sun computer.

AV Voice Changer Software now fully supports these Microsoft operating systems: Windows XP (32 bits / 64 bits), Vista (32 bit / 64 bits), Windows 7 (32 bits / 64 bits).

Please note that the software does not support old Microsoft Windows OSs, Windows 2000, Mac OSs or other OSs not developed by Microsoft.

These matters are covered in our FAQ page about our policies. Click here to visit the page.

Click on the Customer Login link on the top-right of the Audio4fun Support Center page to open the login panel as per below image. You will need to enter your username and password to able to access the customer zone.

Note: The Username and Password is always sent to your email address on Order completed.
If you cannot find it, please feel free to contact our support here. center home


As soon as you are logged in, you are redirected to the Your License page. From here, you will easily navigate all of your purchased licenses and as well as license status.
Click on the license link and you will reach the detailed page with download link and Serial Number. center your licenses

There are two main ways to access Support form:
-    You can send message to us via this form.
-    If you are already a Premium Member, go to Support Center, log in to your account then go to Request Support to send message to us.

No. Our product currently does not support Mac OS.

The license you have activated for your product is a lifetime license. There is no restriction in the using time. However, the support period for your product will be limited to 12 months according to our Sales policy.

For 12 continuous months from the day of your product's purchase, you will receive the customer care services and technical support services, including:
(1) Software re-downloading at any time,
(2) Software updating of the product (new build update),
(3) A maximum of three requests for a resetting of the product’s license,
(4) One-time receipt of a version upgrading of the product, if available within the covered support time,
(5) Full technical support for the product.
You will also have a free account at our Support Center which allows you to access your product download link, product license information, as well as reach the online help and contact support in your most convenient way.

The included services are like those available during the full support period. You will receive full support services for 12 more months for all your purchased products. Please review this faq for details.

To access the purchase page of this pack, you can either:
- Follow the included link and instructions in the reminding email that our Customer Support team send to you; or
- Log in your account in our Support Center and follow the instructions of the notice message about the expiration.

Or you can contact us via this form to ask for support on the renewal of your product's support services.
Further details about the Support Renewal, please refer to this link.

It is because of one of these two following reasons:
•    Your support time is still valid, but you have already updated to the new version once during that support period. We only support free upgrading to one next version for each full support period, so in this case, we can't support you to freely upgrade to our new version anymore.
•    Your support period has been ended.
In both case, if you want to upgrade to the latest version, you will need to apply for a support service renewal. The renewal fee is $19.95 only, but it will extend the support time for 12 more months for all the products your have purchased. Please read this faq to know how to renew the support time.