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Questions about Voice Changer Software Edition differences

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VCS GOLD includes the whole VCS package and these additional features:
- Advanced Recorder supports 9 audio formats, including compression ones – MP3, WMA, OGG just to name a few.
- Auto Recorder helps record voice and audio automatically and results in user's desired quality.
- Ignore Filters allows you to select any sound stream or application to exclude from VCS Gold morphing process.
- Audio Player can play 12 common sound formats and let you keep the music on while chatting.
- Additional nickvoices: ten special nickvoices.
- Parody Maker module to mimic other people's voices.
- Hotkeys can be set to nickvoices and frequently used features.

Besides the full features of VCS GOLD, VCS DIAMOND offers more outstanding tools, such as:
- Advanced pitch & timbre modulation with faster algorithms which alters your voice input into hundreds of more natural and real-time voice outputs.
- A huge library of nickvoices and effects is added to guarantee your comfort and satisfaction in voice morphing and music processing.
- Frequency Morpher allows modifying voice in a definite range.
- Voice Equalizer and Sound Quality help improve the quality of voice output.
- Nickvoice Rules allows you to set some specific rules for using nickvoices along with different applications.
- Parody Maker and Parody Mixer to mimic other people's voices, imitate Hollywood stars' and famous people's voices, and mix parody voices.
- Audio effect, nickvoice, and parody vocie add-on packages free for download including up to 70 nickvoices and 250 effects.

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