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FAQs about AV Tube - the free Youtube downloader

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Find answers to your questions regarding AV Tube download, usages, and upgrades.

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Part 1: General questions

AV Tube is a software program which enables you to download video clips from YouTube, including HD videos.

No, AV Tube is provided to you 100% free.

Minimum system requirements:
- Operating system: All Microsoft Windows supported
- Hardware requirements: 1 GHz processor or better, 256 MB RAM, 10 MB hard disk space
Recommended system requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higher (32 bit)
- Hardware requirements: 2.4 GHz processor or better, 512 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space
Other operating systems (including Mac and Linux with Windows emulators) may work, but are untested.

Part 2: Questions about installation

How to install AV Tube program Click here .

Still cannot find the solution for your problem? Contact our Support Team here

Part 3: Questions about product functioning

From build 1.0.9, AV Tube has supported downloading videos from Metacafe. However, because some videos you see on Metacafe are not actually stored on Metacafe's server but are embed from another video websites (e.g: Youtube, Dailymotion, Megavideo, etc.), those videos might not be download if their hosting websites are not supported by AV Tube.

To check the list of video websites that AV Tube supports, on the product screen, click Help > Supported Sites.

Each video website has a different policy on adult video content (rate 18+ videos), but most of them ask for user account log-in to check if the use is eligible to see those videos or not. In such case, even when you use AV Tube, you will be asked for account log-in to download the videos too.