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AV Voice Changer Software users initiate new benefit in foreign accent reduction

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Mon 13 Nov 2006 (November 13, 2006) People who speak a foreign language with a non-native accent can find a bit of relief in AV Voice Changer Software.
Consumer feedbacks reveal a number of AV Voice Changer Software users are making very creative use of the utility. Foreign accent reduction is probably the most surprising of all.

“I often don’t mind my accent”, says a Singaporean education specialist. “But when I used the software to create voiceovers for my presentations, I realized that my accent was improved too”.

“I sound a lot more like Americans or British. Of course my intonation and pronunciation remain the same, but something very characteristic about the voice quality has changed”.

AV Voice Changer Software provides users with many tools. The most basic of all is a voice changer that alters the pitch and timbre of voices, resulting in a different age, sex and in this newly discovered case, even a different accent.

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It also provides equalizing tools, effects, recorder… so users can change voice, morph music and record to produce almost every kind of sound/audio clips.

AV Voice Changer Software users have always been creative and initiative. Some create new voice settings themselves and achieve a lot with changing voice to the opposite sex.

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The affordable price varies from $30 to $100.

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