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Revive an Online Working Day with Smart Digital Talking Parrot Screen Savor

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Thu 1 Mar 2007 Introduced as an interesting screen savor, however, VINA digital talking parrot is also a technical application of voice changing technology of Audio4fun. To have a closer look of this pet, please visit this page.
User can “purchase” this pet at “no cost” by downloading at: No need to feed it, no need to clean to cage, but users will surely have a funny time with VINA.

VINA can imitate any voice or sounds inputting into the microphone. As it is just a 9-month “baby”, it mimics whatever it hears and repeats after that. Listening to what VINA repeats, customers can easily recognize any mistakes on voices and modify the sounds or voices to keep training parrot smarter.

One of the interesting things on this screen savor is that users can choose, change, and background where they want VINA to be. Currently, 4 lively backgrounds are available to choose and refresh your screen. They are Green, Lake, Room and Water Fall. The background collection will be regularly updated with many new ones.

If the “raisers” are at work, they can easily turn off the speakers or microphone to let VINA “keep silence”.

“It seems that this talking parrot screen savor is a very exciting and useful tool as well as toy for kids. They can practice their pronunciation, play with their PC peacefully and joyfully.” said Louise Anderson, Community Manager of AVnex Ltd.

Susan from England shared her thought “My kids like this talking parrot. It can repeat my words exactly. Thank you for your cool kit.”

“We will promote this digital talking parrot so it will be a perfect freebie for kids. Our selling products on online shop such as voice changer software, music editor software or movie morpher software; even any freebie as this screen savor are all followed as our pledge ‘Unique Product, Serious Fun’, “ said Helen Le, AVnex Ltd.’s Sale& Marketing Manager.

Discover and refresh your working day with this smart digital talking parrot