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Making Karaoke Background Music with Updated Features of AV Music Morpher Gold

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Tue 6 Mar 2007 - Karaoke background music makers now can find out an outstanding equipment to perform superior during their job- AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 with the latest updates for Voice Remover and Voice Extractor modules.
More information about what’s new within these features is available at

To get high quality background music, the most important tool that users must have is a well-done voice remover. This is really a hard task because songs are recorded and mixed in various ways. Moreover, some of them are set in the way that prevents removals. However, the recently updated Voice Remover of AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 can support this task very much better. Voice Remover is not constructed as a sole key but gone along with the built-in Voice Extractor.

Five sliders of the main adjustable parameters of Center Width, High Pass Filtering, Low Pass Filter, Vocal Pitch and Notch Width help users to work and achieve their expected audio outputs. To learn how to work with those new enhancements, Karaoke background music makers can discover the Free Online Tutorials store of Music Morpher Center at

There is also a promotion during this release that gives users a chance to purchase this advanced music editor software at special promotional price. Those who have not owned any AVnex music tools can pick up a coupon valued $20 to buy AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0. While current users of MP3 Player-Morpher and Music Morpher software can enjoy a special coupon of up to $50 to purchase the latest version of Gold edition of AV music software.

“With these latest improvements on Voice Remover and Voice Extractor, I surely believe that our customers will satisfy more than previous build. We look forward to any feedback from users to improve our software better in the future”, said Louise Anderson, Audio4fun Music Morpher‘s Brand Manager.

Take a chance to make a change on music editing by this innovative software.