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Note: This tutorial is using an outdated version of Voice Changer Software Diamond. For the updated tutorial with the newest version 9.5, click here.

Batch File: Apply morphing effects to multiple files

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Batch File Morpher is an exclusive module of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond edition, which allows users to apply the same nickvoice and/or morphing effects to a group of audio files in one process. It can also convert the format of these selected audio files if required. With this new feature, users can morph and/or change the file format for multiple files in a short time with just a click.
In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the Batch File Morpher module of AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND 7.0 (VCSD7) to apply the same morphing effects (for example: change singer’s gender from male to female) to a group of selected files.

Remarks: This tutorial is only applicable for DIAMOND edition of the Voice Changer Software product line.


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Open Voice Changer Software 7.0, choose morphing effects for your voice, and make adjustments until you are satisfied with the output voice.

Note: You should have known how to change voice using Voice Morpher feature, and other voice changing features of Voice Changer Software.

Use these modules to choose the morphing settings for the files first: Voice Morpher, Parody Maker/Mixer, Advanced panel, etc.

If you are not familiar with these module, read the tutorials on using them first. Click here to go back to the tutorial page.
When you are done with the morphing settings, check check again by using the Player module to know how they will change the audio file.
Run VCSD7, on the main panel, click the Player button. In the Player dialog box:
-    Check Play songs with morphed effects (1). This let you hear the song with all morphing effects you have set up in VCSD7.
-    Click Open (2) to choose a file to test.
-    Click Play (3) to play the file.

-    While listening to the morphed song, you can make changes on the main panel until you are satisfied with the output song.
-    Click Close to close this dialog box and proceed to the batch file morphing process.

-    On the main panel, click Mopher to open the Batch File Morpher module. On the File Morpher window:

-    Click Add (1) to select all the audio files you want to apply the morphing effects. The selected files will be added to the list in this window.
-    Click Browse (2) to choose where to store the output files when the process is done.

-    Check the option checkbox: Process file(s) with VCS effect (3)
-    Click Morph (4) button to start the morphing process.
After all files have been morphed successfully, you can listen to the newly morphed files by clicking the Play button.

-    If you want to remove the source files after morphing, check the “Delete source files” checkbox (not recommended).
-    If you want to change the file format of the selected files, choose the new format from the Output format list