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Note: This tutorial is using an outdated version of Voice Changer Software Diamond. For the updated tutorial with the newest version 9.5, click here.

Voice Changer Software Diamond - Use Anime Studio Pro 9

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Voice Changer Software Diamond (VCSD) can change a user’s voice to any desired output quality regardless of its gender or age by changing its pitch and timbre. The big built-in nickvoice library and effect library are handy for use.

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to apply files recorded by VCSD on Anime Studio Pro.

>> What is Anime Studio Pro 9?

Anime Studio is animation software for amateurs and professionals. Anime Studio makes animation fun, quick and affordable. Create your own characters or import existing files. Anime Studio is easy to use animation software for beginners and professionals.

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On the main panel, move the cursor (1) of the Stereo/Mono scale either left or right to instruct how your records will be. Move it to the left for stereo output, or to the right for mono output file.

E.g.: In this illustration, the position of (1) shows that the file will be saved in Stereo type with 44100 bits.

Note: Only when the DUPLEX mode is ON (2) that you can make change to the Stereo/Mono scale. If the DUPLEX mode is off, it is because there is a playback audio stream(s) in your computer, please turn off any media player or any application that is producing audio stream at that time.

Then, click on the Recorder button (3) on the main panel to open Voice Changer Software Recorder.

Fig 1 - Change the  Stereo/Mono scale, then open VCS Recorder [Main panel]

Within VCS Recorder window:

-    Check the option Record non-morphed streams at VCS (1) to set VCS Recorder to record audio streams out of VCS's morphing effects.

-    Click Settings (2) to enter the settings window. Switch to Encoders tab (3).

Fig 2 - Recorder settings >> Encoders tab

In Encoders tab:

1. Check on the Advanced mode checkbox (4) to show the full list of audio rates supported by VCS Recorder.

2. The .wav file format is represent by the 44100, Mono or 41100, Stereo (5).

Double-click on the one you need, a big list will pop up:

Fig 3 - Choose WAV file format [Recorder Settings - Encoders tab]

- Choose Microsoft PCM Converter (6).

- A small list will expand, select Sampling Rate: 44100HZ (7).

- On the next list, select 44100 KHz, 8 Bit, Mono, 352.8Kbits/sec (8).

- Click OK to apply the settings and close the Settings dialog box.

Now all recorded files should now be saved in WAV format.

Fig 4 - Choose suitable codec for .wav output format

- Run Anime Studio Pro 9.

- Select File Menu >> Import >> Audio File…

Fig 5 - Import Audio Files [Anime Studio Pro]

- Select file from Select Audio File window >> Click Open button.

Fig 6 - Select Audio File window

Fig 7 - Result [Anime Studio Pro]