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Talk like a Pirate with VCSD8.0

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This tutorial will show you the way to change your voice into a pirate’s one use AV Voice Changer Software 8.0 Diamond.

Sample voices:
Real pirate’s voice: click here.
Normal male voice: click here

Step to take

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-    Run VSCD8 >> Turn on Voice Morpher by clicking on Voice Morpher icon (1) or click On button (2).

-    Move the Pitch-Timbre pointer (3) on the Morpher graph to change your voice. Because of difference of each voice, it would be better that you try increase or decrease pitch and timbre parameter before decide what is most like a pirate for yours. In my opinion, you can try with Pitch is 58% and Timbre is 184% like below image.

Fig 1: Voice Morpher


-    Then, move the Advanced Tune slider (4) to improve the quality of the output. My choice is 80%.

-    In Equalizer module at the bottom of main panel, click on Preset button (1) >> Choose SuperBass (2).

Fig 2: Improve output with Equalizer

-    Click Preferences (1) on Menu bar or Vowel Enhancer icon (2) to open Vowel Enhancer module.

-    Turn On/Off button (3) to take control Formant effect.

-    Adjust only the Formant 1 sliders (4). These effects the low formant of the voice which then makes the voice sounds more gravelly.

-    If you want the sliders have their default value, click on Reset button (5).

-    Click on OK button (6) to close the Vowel Enhancer window.

Fig 3:  Enhance output quality with Vowel Enhancer

-    Click Preferences (1) on Menu bar or Voice Equalizer icon (2) to open Voice Equalizer module.

-    Turn On/Off button (3) of Voice Equalizer section.

-    Make changes to LoStretch and LoShift sliders (4). That will allow you to stretch the speed of your voice, and shift up certain parts of the voice.

-    Click on Reset button (5) to have the sliders at their default value.

-    Click on OK button (6) to close the Voice Equalizer window.

Fig 4: Adjust the Voice Equalizer

-    Click on Save button (1) >> Choose the location where the file will be saved >> Click Save button (2).

Fig 5: Save nickvoice

-    Now, your changed voice is now ready to use in chatting via Skype, Yahoo, …

-    For instant use, you can download sample pirate’s voice preset from here.

-    To learn how to use your nickvoice, click here.

-    For more free nickvoice packs, click here.