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Using AV MIDI Converter with soundfonts support to convert MIDI to mp3, wav, flac, aac/mp4 and ogg

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AV MIDI Converter is a free, fast, lightweight Soundfont enabled midi converter that can convert your MIDI files to different audio file formats including MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4 and FLAC.

This tutorial gives you the overall understanding of how to use AV MIDI Converter to convert a midi file into a mp3 file.
Fig 1: AV-MIDI-Converter-Main-Skin


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On the main screen of the program (after loading):

Click Browse > The Open window will be shown: Choose all the MIDI files you want to convert > Open

All the selected files will be added into the Browse area (now shown as a list) with their folder paths. The converting process will be applied to all files in this list.

Tips: There are three actions you can do to this list
- If you want to add more files to the list, click Add (below the list).
- If you want to remove file(s), choose the item(s) from the list (hold the Ctrl button while selecting files to choose multiple files), then click Remove.
- If you want to remove all files from this list, click Clear all.

Fig 2: AV-MIDI-Converter-files

Click Format > choose mp3. from the drop down list.

Fig 3: AV-MIDI-Converter-Formats

When you have done the two steps above, the notification screen will be changed into Convert NOW > Click on this screen to start the converting process.

Fig 4: AV-MIDI-Converter-Convert

The progress of the converting process will then be shown in details underneath:
- The midi file that is being converted
- The processing percentage

Fig 5: AV-MIDI-Converter-Convert-Process

When the converting process has been completed, the program will show you the converting report together with the cause of error (if any).

Fig 6: AV-MIDI-Converter-Success