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How to cut video's length

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DVD player morpher can cut a clip's length and convert 4 format AVI, WMV, MP3 and WAV. In this tutotial guild how to cut video's length with format WMV


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- Visit // (the product's information page) and click the Download icon to start downloading the installation file (in .exe format).

- From the File Download - Security Warning dialog box, click Save to save the installation file into your hard drive, or click Run to start the installation right from our server

Image - dvd-player-tut06-01.jpg

Notes: You must first install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 version or later to fully enjoy Funny Space feature in DVD Player Morpher 3.0. If you receive any error massage on this, click here for the latest version of .NET Framework from Microsoft download page.

- Double click on the just-downloaded installation file (.exe) to start the installation process. Click Next to continue.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-02.png

- Read the Readme file, then click Next to continue.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-03.png

- Read the terms in the License Agreement carefully and select I Accept the terms in the License Agreement to process. Click Next to continue.

Notes: If you do not choose this option, you can't continue the installation process.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-04.png

- This screen shows you the destination folder and the space required to install the application. If you want to choose another folder, click Browse and specify it.

Notes: Please install DVD Player Morpher into a separated folder. If Video Morpher has the same base folder with another application, this might cause severe lost of the program.

- Click Next to continue.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-05.png

- The installation process will be showed like this:

Image - dvd-player-tut06-07.png

- Deselect Run AV DVD Player Morpher 3.0 if you do not want the program automatically start after finish the installation.

- Click Finish to finalize the installation process.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-08.png

- For full use of the program, you need to submit your Free Key. Fill in the required information in the popup dialog box, when you click Enter the Free key button.

Note: For how to get freekey click here!

Image - dvd-player-tut06-09.png

- Open DVD Player Morpher. Select Video module

- From menu click File/Open File. Choose clip need to cut length

Image - dvd-player-tut06-10.png

In Player Morpher module , click on Image - dvd-player-tut06-convert.gif icon, Program will auto switch on Convert module

Image - dvd-player-tut06-11.png

Within the Input tab of Convert module:

- Move the Start and End point covering the part you want to convert.
- Click Preview button Image - mom02-07.gif to preview and adjust the settings until getting your desired clip.

Note: you can add effect(s) from the RIGHT panel - AV effects to the movie clip and then do the clip conversion with AV effect(s) on.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-12.png

Within the Output tab:
- Drop down the Output Format and select WMV.
- Leave Video Compressor as Windows Media video by default.
- Leave Audio Compressor as Windows Media audio by default.
- For the Output File, click Browse and point to your favorite output folder.
- Click Preview button Image - mom02-07.gif to preview and adjust the settings until getting your desired clip.
- Click Convert button Image - mom02-08.gif to start the conversion and wait until the message of conversion complete appears.

Image - dvd-player-tut06-13.png