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Real-time Voice Changer for Endless Fun in Cyberspace

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Since being introduced to the community over a decade ago, AV Voice Changer Software has successfully cemented its reputation as an effective real-time voice changer software. More information can be found at //


Having ranked in the "Top 5 Streaming Audio Software for Windows",and having surpassed 3.3 million downloads, as well as having received a 4-star rating from users, AV Voice Changer Software has successfully solidified its position in the audio software market, despite the continuous appearances of other audio changing tools. Among its brilliant features, its real-time morphing ability has grabbed the "most favored" status and has secured its role as an endless-fun tool for its users.

"We are glad to know that AV Voice Changer Software is well loved and supported by the community. It took us a long time to develop the outstanding, real-time morphing feature," said Chris Redfield, Quality Administration Manager, who has accompanied the development of the product from the very beginning. He added, "We are currently working on new prospects in order to bring customers a better tool to enrich their home entertainment center."

A voice changer program is basically used to change the voice. However, AV Voice Changer Software offers users many useful features and special effects for voice reshaping. The latest version of AV Voice Changer Software (7.0) features a new "AV Virtual Audio Driver," exclusively created and developed by Audio4fun. This latest innovation lets users easily alter and modify their voices in real-time chatting via popular Instant Messengers and VoIP applications, such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Net2Phone, TeamSpeak, Google Talk, etc. It also lets online gamers disguise their real identity to bring more surprising elements to their role-playing games. Besides that, customers can easily boost fun and add more value to online activities by taking advantage of a wealth of free materials available on Audio4fun's website, including frequently updated "nickvoices" for instant use, free tutorials, and audio samples with detailed instructions. Readers can read more at //

"This real-time voice changer software offers users full control over their voices. Every adjustment is applied immediately, so that users can hear how their output voices sound and then take further steps to enhance the audio quality," added Chris Redfield, "so now all their chat conversations can be filled with laughter and creative surprises."

Although AV Voice Changer Software is known for a wide range of cool morphing features and a huge library of professional audio effects, the program is also well-organized into an intuitive, friendly UI that simplifies the user's morphing process. In-depth specifications about this program can be found at //